Saturday, February 18, 2012

Angry Birds Have Arrived In My Classroom!

My students are super excited about this project! Awhile back, I came across an Angry Bird Project from Smart Chick Teacher's Blog. I altered the project a bit to fit my student's needs. I began the project by using it as morning work when they arrived each morning. They were given different prompts to plan and journal about their Angry Bird they were creating.

I truly was going to leave it at that, but as the students shared their entries I realized how excited they were about their birds that I decided to take it one step further. I asked them to write about their bird's adaptation and how this has help their survival in their habitat. We explored natural selection earlier in the year, so this was a great review for them. The students made their birds out of toilet paper rolls and I created the game board. Oh, and I also created the pigs. It wouldn't authentic without them, right? I honestly have only played the game a few times, so a few students helped me plan the display.

The final touch was the students warning sign that explain the bird's adaptation, what has made them successful, and what the citizens of the community should do to protect themselves. Each poster is connected to the specific bird with black string so viewers know which bird belongs to each sign. I have to say that I usually don't put a lot of effort into hallway displays, however this one has really gotten my creative juices going and I look forward to my next one now!